Travels 140: Tukuran Journeys

One of the best municipalities of Zamaboanga del Sur fronting beaches is Tukuran situated in the First District of the province and is the gateway to Lanao del Norte and Sur as well as to Cotabato City. This is the first municipality you can reach when you take the van out from Cotabato City of General Santos City in going to the City of Pagadian. JourneysandTravels took on its Tukuran journeys to celebrate summer.

Over the last days of summer, I and my childhood barkadas decided to take a plunge and rekindle our neighbourhood memories. These young men are my neighbours and childhood greats! So we hopped in the vehicle, took on the summer heat and headed towards Baguio Beach Resort. One thing I loved about Baguio Beach Resort is its pristine white sand beach front though it is stony compared to most beaches, it is best to swim on high tide than low tides.

If your interests are much more on scenery and vistas, then Tukuran’s Baguio Beach is one of the best sceneries. It has a wide array of blues from the heavens and the seas, all the rest are white sand. Tukuran journeys just captured the wonderful vistas and the white sandy shore.

But prior to arriving at the beach for our Tukuran journeys, we dropped by at the local market, bought something to cook for lunch. I chanced upon a singing and smiling boy selling cooked rice on the market. We bought fish for kinilaw and pork for sinugba (grilled). However, we never anticipated that we do not have anything literally: from spoon and fork to plates and glasses. The owner is generous enough to lend us their plates and knife. All the rest was merriment and we had the wonderful summer sun, summer swim and summer tan.

Tukuran is one of the best places in Zamboanga del Sur and the province has more to offer to domestic and other travellers, it’s just on what adventure you seek and how often you travel from places such as this. Tukuran journeys is one travel that I have had as a local and I wish you can visit it too.

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