Travels 141: Winning them in China

In October 2010, I have had the chance to travel to China to immerse myself as well as learn about China as one of the chosen ASEAN future leaders in the region. Being with a PhD allows me to navigate myself in the maze of human comprehension in any given situation such as leadership, team building, teaching and mentoring. I never even thought that I will be meeting up and doing some team building games with the young students of the Guangxi University.

We had a team building activity of sort, bordering on friendly competition among groups and I was chosen to be the leader of my team of both Filipino, Cambodian and Chinese people. I have a pretty Chinese assistant leader who is very courteous and brilliant too.

For the first time in my life, I participated fully into such an activity, not as a facilitator or trainor but as a participant, much more, their leader. We had activities that eventually made us become the champion in all groups and along the way, I sustain scars on my knees as I had fallen twice in the race.

One thing I valued being a leader, which has been highlighted in our winning them in China is my ability to follow. I kowtow the line and never assume too much too often about my members. Until now, I am proudest of my members in the team for making us the champion that day. We may have obstacles along the way but surely, winning them in China made our day!

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2 thoughts on “Travels 141: Winning them in China

  1. i like… i really really like… coz I’m in one of the pics posted here, hehehehe. Miss China! 🙂

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