Travels 142: Journeying reflections at Hoyohoy Stone Chapel

Journeys and Travels have once again embarked on a solo backpacking travel, this time, domestically. First off in the agenda is the reflection-driven and so serene place called Hoyohoy Highlands where the Stone Chapel was located and perfectly erected by no less than Congressman Loreto Ocampos of Misamis Occidental.

My journeys and travels blog made me decide to embark on this journey overnight while attending an induction because I need a place to visit and also do travel blogging. My mind turned to Tangub City where the Hoyohoy Highland Park is located. Tangub City is 75 kilometers from where I live so I took on the bus at 9.30am. I arrived in Tangub City around 11.30am. I then went to look for a public transport going to Hoyohoy.


When I arrived at the Hoyohoy Highland Park, the first I took my concentration on is the serene Stone Chapel. I took my first walk at the resort towards the direction of the Chapel where I prayed and do reflections. The view of the resort is so humbling and refreshing. The cool breeze and the pine trees reminds me of Tagaytay and this is the most picturesque chapel I have ever seen after I have last visited the farm of my former boss, Senator Edgardo Angara which also has a stone chapel in it.

I have learned that the chapel was constructed by hand by Congressman Loreto Ocampos. The resort was first made as a personal relaxation venue where the accomplished Congressman and former Governor can meet his friends and family. They have just opened to the public and included the famous zipline that boasts to be the longest zipline in Asia.

My reflections at the Hoyohoy Stone Chapel leads me to where I am at the present and what I wanted more in my life. I have come to my own self-reflections that I will truly be of service to everyone who needs me, who understood me for who I am and stand by me considering my own limitations and eccentricity.

Also, like this bridge leading to the Hoyohoy Stone Chapel, our lives are what we made for others no matter what our station is and what the demands of lives are. Also, it also represents every opportunity to make positive change happen when we look beyond ourselves and the windows of our lives.

If one seeks a place where truly one can commune with God and nature at its best, then the Hoyohoy Stone Chapel is the right place to be. The place is with the most serene and peaceful ambiance.

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11 thoughts on “Travels 142: Journeying reflections at Hoyohoy Stone Chapel

  1. this is nice! first time ko lang narinig ‘to… i ilke the stone church, very classy… thanks for sharing Doc Wends…

  2. yes it is very classy, and the ambiance is just perfect, para kang nasa Tagaytay. If you stay longer than 4pm at the Stone Chapel, mas maganda kasi mag-fog na sya. In fact, around 2-3pm, may fog na. It is a very nice place to commune with God and nature, be where we should be.

    Its near my place like an hour travel. I will gladly have a second visit with pinoyadventurista!

  3. di naman po mahirap pumunta? pataas ba cya?

    • naabot na sya ng sasakyan going to the Park from Tangub City. Wala ng lalakarin except inside the park already.

      Ung nga lang habal-habal sasakyan kasi walang public transport plying to the park from the city center. anyways, sulit naman po ang byahe when you reach it.

  4. wow! nice place! Though medyo off yung roof ng chapel. sana pawif na lang or an indigenous material.

  5. hahaha tama. it did not blend into the stone chapel. Thank you for liking my blog and for leaving a comment. I hope you can visit this place too.

  6. gretchen

    looking at the serene place it depicts reminds me of tagaytay city … the coolness of its place is really heaven sent … i can imagine ang lamig siguro sa loob no? if fog is on its way around 2pm then its no wonder maganda ang simoy ng hangin dala niya … wish i can visit this place …. pohon will do … 🙂

  7. yes it does and serene nung place. Healthy for relaxation and recuperating aspects from trauma etc. magaling din sya na lugar for small meetings and reflections. para nga po syang Tagaytay.

    Someday pohon we will visit this place with Meldy. Send my hugs to her.

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  9. mea

    ehat’s the purpose of building the church in that location?

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