Travels 143: Fuerte de la Concepcion Y Del Triunfo, The Ozamis Fortress

Living Asia through the blog of Backpacking Philippines so named “Fuerte de la concepcion y del Triunfo” as the fort made of coral and stone and I stand witness to its very existence recently when I visited the fortress situated in Ozamis City. Unlike its counterparts in Zamboanga City and Manila, the fort in Ozamis is much smaller in scale and as I have seen it today, has only a sole canon facing the port. It is one of the famous landmarks of Ozamis City and equally historic in its magnificence.

In the past, being a PhD Student of La Salle University, I ventured into the fort but not as a travel blogger. It took me until now to see how the fortress is serving the history of Ozamis the way it has served it centuries past.

Now, as a visitor and a travel blogger, I stand amazed at how the Ozamis fortress stood the tests of time and circumstances. I never even knew until I visited recently that the fortress was built in 1756 and has four equally important bulwarks named San Fernando, San Jose, Santiago and San Ignatio. Partly destroyed in an earthquake in 1955 and was since restored to its former glory.

What I am impressed of the Ozamis fortress is its embracing historic significance to the students of history and archaeology as well as in demographics at the moment it was constructed. True to its purpose, any fortress built by Spaniards has the altar for the Virgin Mary, in this fort, it is the Immaculate Conception. Ozamis fortress became its own home since.

Ozamis Fortress is located in the City of Ozamis which can be reached by Cebu Pacific from Manila and Cebu. From Pagadian City and elsewhere, bus. A visit to the city’s historic landmark significantly enhances one’s grasp of history and the role of forts and fortresses in the survival of the community. The Ozamis Fortress, though small scale is one important landmark of Mindanao. Had it not because of this fortress, perhaps, Misamis Occidental’s history and culture may be different from what we see today.

The only unfortunate scene I have seen while visiting the Ozamis Fortress is its present-day use as a venue for courtships and dates by young people. May they have time to understand its importance much more than its own amorous underpinnings as a bastion of security for all Ozamisnon centuries ago.

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10 thoughts on “Travels 143: Fuerte de la Concepcion Y Del Triunfo, The Ozamis Fortress

  1. gretchen

    as i read ur blog it took me a while to absorb the tour u had around the place… i never was a big fan for historical places coz it gives me the creeps reading and knowing the history of a certain place ones travel … the place is well kept and maintained … pero mukhang naging dating place din siya hehehehe … but for one thing im sure its very informative … historic places that i never knew came to surface thru ur blog … thank u for sharing this … 🙂

  2. Thank you my friend. This is one minor fortress during the Spanish era and is in Ozamis City. We usually knew Intramuros in manila and its famous Punta de Parian which has trade routes leading to the famous Ongpin in Chinatown. Other than those, there were minor forts and fortresses erected in the 17th century and this one is true to its existence.

    yes, unfortunately it has become a dating place of sort haha. I hope people around the area will be able to appreciate the fortress and its historic significance to their lives today.

  3. Mari Hymonn Delos Santos

    kuya I want those cannons! haha!

    • Thanks Monja. Sige papadala ko sa Isabela via LBC. Ikaw na magbayad sa excess nean ha. hahaha. Thank you for appreciating my blog. Read more pa po! haha

  4. The pictures blend with the history you have presented in this post.

  5. The fort’s beautiful! This is the first time I have read about this. Hope to visit someday, I have not explored Mindanao fully yet.

    • Maganda sya po talaga and its historic significance to the City and the Province is important. sge po, this city is very near my hometown. Just give me a ring so I can join you and lets go to some other places too.

      Salamat sa pag-appreciate ng blog post ko po. God bless

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