Travels 148: Sumptuous lunch at Ocean Grill MOAP but…

Arriving at MOAP Sinacaban 25 minutes before lunch time, I am hungry and excited try their Ocean Grill. After having toured their zoo on a hightide, I am excited to revisit the MOAP Sinacaban and hopeful that I can go to the dolphin island to swim and refresh myself on my way home from Oroquieta City and to try feed the dolphins. Prior to coming into the Park, I have to pay Php 10.00 Park fee.

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP Sinacaban) is one destination where a visitor can also stay for the night and by day, do some snorkelling and swimming with the dolphins at the nearby island for a fee of Php 300. The trip to the dolphin island alone is Php300 exclusive of meals, vests and the swimming with dolphins. I wanted to try it so I took an early lunch and remain ebullient about my solo backpacking trip.

While waiting for my lunch of grilled porkchop, I took fancy at the view, taking pictures and noticed that there is a singular bicycle that can ferry guests from the entrance to the Ocean Grill Restobar. Also, they have rest houses that can be rented for guests.

The Ocean Grill in MOAP Sinacaban is one great avenue where you can commune with nature, the sea and the breeze. I had a great time taking photos of the Ocean Grill and the surroundings. Noticed that the MOAP Sinacaban is ongoing construction and improvements to cater to its growing clientele base.

The view altogether is great however, when I am ready to go to the Dolphin Island after my lunch at the Ocean Grill, I asked the attendant if they accept credit cards and debit cards. I intended to use it to check whether the MOAP is ready for tourism or not, to include services like card swiping machines for such transactions. I was told by the staff that the Ocean Grill and the Dolphin Island tour do not have card swiping machines ergo, credit cards and debit cards will not be honoured.

When told that both BDO and PS Bank cards are not honoured, I paid in cash for my lunch sans the dolphin island. I went directly to my next destination, the Clarin Suman House.

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