Travels 150: Romancing Osaka, the Ramada Hotel Osaka

Having been invited to be the Chair of the Academic Session of the Asian Conference on Education in 2009, Journeys and Travels went to Osaka, Japan with an excited heart and ebullient spirit for this is his third solo trip overseas and what made it more exciting is the fact that Journeys and Travels is going to Japan. One thing Journeys and Travels loved about Japan is its very orderly and systematic subway and railway systems.

Journeys and Travels had been told by his friend Tatei Nobuhito that he will take the subway train from my Hotel TaiYo to go to Ramada Hotel Osaka. It took him very briefly to reach the venue of the conference. Upon walking up the stairs from the subway station, he came across the famous Ramada Hotel Osaka.

He noticed that Japanese are so orderly with their zoning and other traffic regulations. Even pedestrians follow where they should go when crossing and walking past alleyways.

Upon arriving at the Ramada Hotel Osaka, Journeys and Travels came across a pretty university student who wore a Kimono. Not to be edged out of the opportunity to get a photo with her, Journeys and Travels politely asked her for a photo op which she graciously approved of. He felt great after talking to her and knowing that she wore it to a wedding of her classmate. Even the Chinese ladies who are attending the conference had a handful of her Kimono.

Journeys and Travels’ experience in Osaka, Japan is one great way to introduce the Japanese culture. It will forever be an experience truly enlightening and rewarding.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 150: Romancing Osaka, the Ramada Hotel Osaka

  1. Japan is a very beautiful country… As my aunt describes it, streets are very clean and people are disciplined. Is that Maria Ozawa, LMAO! =)

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