Travels 152: Kuala Lumpur, Truly Asia

In 2008, Journeys and Travels on his first solo overseas trip and his first country of choice was Malaysia. He was invited to speak and present his paper at the 1st International Language Conference when he was yet a PhD student at La Salle University. His research paper tackled the mainstreaming of Islamic Education to the public education sector in the Philippines. Journeys and Travels then was critiquing the Department of Education Order delineating the full policies and thrusts of the Madrasah curriculum and education.

He then went on to visit the Freedom Square and the Royal Palace that sits the ruling Datu of the 13 ruling States of the Federal State of Malaysia

He went to the National monument honouring the fallen soldiers of Malaysia who fought against the communists in the 1950s. A bronze sculpture was made by the renowned sculpture of Washington DC’s famous landmark, Iwo Jima monument, Sir Felix de Weldon.

Journeys and Travels trip to Malaysia in 2008 was one that started his varied interests on travel blogging and also sharing in other people’s culture and traditions. Here, he learned to be more adept to the peculiarities of people in the ASEAN region and shares in their own rich cultural heritage.

Kuala Lumpur, truly is Asia. It is a melting pot of cultures from the region, people converging for one goal and dream. Journeys and Travels have seen this first-hand and no amount of literature will ever replace his life’s experience in these historical sites.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 152: Kuala Lumpur, Truly Asia

  1. Wow, great photos, I love the Royal Palace photo, makes me say, “Malaysia is truly Asia”… The Title alone sounds like in the T.V. commercial about Malaysia, hehehe! Tnx for sharing! =)

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