Travels 155: The Famous Tinago Falls of Linamon

Chronicling waterfalls after reading the travels sites of other fellow bloggers, I have come to the point that revisiting Tinago Falls is a must in my itinerary. Journeys and Travels have visited Tinago Falls during his university days at MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology but that more than 15 years ago. Now, the urge to come back is stronger and much determined to absorb its gracious beauty as a travel blogger.

From the Cathedral Falls, I just briefly dropped by at Bacolod, Lanao del Norte to see the Fort Almonte, then afterwards took a Super 5 bus going to Linamon for Php 20.00. I have chosen Linamon as my drop-off area as locals told me it is much easier to go compared to the Buru-un, Iligan City route. I heed their suggestions and Linamon that is. I arrived there 11.30am and wanting to see Tinago falls right away, flagged a habal-habal (motorcycle) to ferry me there. I paid 19 year old Gilbert Php 100 for him to wait for me then send me off to my next destination in Iligan City.

Upon arriving there, I never was told that the Linamon route has 437 steps to climb down and of course, upon coming back, so a total of 874 steps has to be surpassed before one has to appreciate the beauty and the fabulous Tinago Falls. Recently, this is the same falls where KC Concepcion and Sam Milby has their movie “Forever and A Day” was taken.

Anyways, the majestic Tinago Falls is one that will truly make you appreciate the beauty of nature and how it gives inspiration. It is one that surpasses all falls save for those which is only good for photo-ops. I say so because it is one of those falls where you can take a swim and felt safe. Journeys and Travels have swum this falls in his university days. It’s one majestic waterfalls that has become a pride in its own.

Tinago Falls is literally called so since it is hidden under the cliff. You need to climb down to where it is and then appreciate its beauty. It is said that going to Tinago Falls is likened to a pregnant woman giving birth, it is painful and yet when you see the waterfalls, it opens to the best opportunity to absorb it and take in as much inspiration one can get just by mere looking at the waterfalls.

Indeed, waterfalls in Lanao del Norte is one that awaits discovery and appreciation. Many have been to Tinago Falls but still, it remains pristine, virginal and more so, clean.

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17 thoughts on “Travels 155: The Famous Tinago Falls of Linamon

  1. nakaka-miss talaga ang City of Waterfalls – Iligan City! thanks for this postings Wends.

    • Yes Te Olive. I missed it na which is why yesterday, I embarked on a waterfalls hopping for my travel blog. I had been to 4 waterfalls in a day. It is refreshing and fun. Salamat te. God bless

  2. been here 5 or 6 yrs ago. yeah, it’s really beautiful!

    • Yes it is Mark. Ang dinaanan ko Linamon route so mas mahabang stairs at mas maraming steps haha

      • I don’t know which stairs I had pero may hagdan din ako na inakyat. hiningal ako dun! we went here after Maria Cristina.

      • either way going there, there are stairs and what matters the most is that when you reach Tinago Falls, you will feel the awesomeness of it. Parang spellbound lang. haha

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  5. Kahit isang beses ko lang to mapuntahan, masaya na ako.

  6. Another legend I heard was that it takes (tago) one person a year or so as an offering, thus the name. I really want to go there someday. It looks majestic!

    • yes it is such a legend. This one when I visited it, i took the Linamon route so mas challenging sya kasi 437 steps going down and another 437 steps coming up haha. But it is all worth it. Come here and enjoy the scenic view of the falls and then frolic in the cool waters.

  7. ang ganda! pang-nature lover talaga 🙂

  8. Ang ganda! I’ve been wanting to go here during my frequent trips to Iligan and CDO in the past years, pero wala akong kasama. I hope marating ko din ito someday. Thanks for sharing!

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