Travels 157: Ruins of Fort Almonte: Bacolod’s Historic Past

Journeys and Travels had a fancy on historical relics and ruins that dates back to the Spanish era. It is one that brought him to the sleepy town of Bacolod, in Lanao del Norte, in the search for the ruins of Fort Almonte.

Fort Almonte is believed to be built in 1892 by Spanish soldiers to serve as its coastal defense point against marauders. When I reached at the fort, the only visible part of it is the wall ruins and some parts of the structures of the fort. It sits atop a mound of soil inside the East Liangan Elementary School along the national highway of Bacolod.

When I was asking the locals where it is after alighting from my visit to the Enchanted Cathedral Falls, nobody seems to be on the know where it is. I asked three different people and on my third try, he told me where it is and pointed to me the direction. I decided to go to the house of my great-grand aunt who lives in the municipality and asked my cousins to accompany me to the site.

Bacolod is the former barangay of the greater Municipality of Kolambugan in Lanao del Norte. Journeys and Travels is very much aware of these municipalities for he passes through these two in going to Iligan City from Pagadian City during his university days.

As to its appropriate historic significance and who built it, Fort Almonte remains to be a relic and ruins of the past that was. Incidentally still, though far from more academic anthropologically confirmed link, the Fort Almonte is quite near the fortress in Ozamis City which best explains its very existence.

The ruins of Fort Almonte, Bacolod’s historic past remains to be a mystery among researchers and visitors. One is rest assured that it served its community very well and its bastion, strongly influential even until today. Journeys and Travels has been one among the few in the nearby provinces who have come and visited the Fort Almonte as where it is now in the milieu of the globalized world.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 157: Ruins of Fort Almonte: Bacolod’s Historic Past

  1. what a nice place 🙂 i always wanted to go to historical places hehe, i just don’t know where they are!

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