Travels 159: The Majestic Maria Cristina Falls

Capping his one-day waterfalls hopping across Lanao del Norte, Journeys and Travels have explored yet again the majestic and grand of all waterfalls in Iligan City and the Province of Lanao del Norte, the Maria Cristina Falls. True to its majestic drop, the Maria Cristina combined the grace and ferocity of a grand dame overflowing her passion towards the many residents depending from her for irrigation, household potable water and more, the power to generate electricity all of Mindanao.

Maria Cristina Falls is one great waterfalls that defies traditional labelling of waterfalls. It has crossed the border from being a graceful panoramic view and tourist attraction to one that is generating power to make the cogs of economic wheel across Mindanao turn. This Maria Cristina Falls, the grand and mother of all waterfalls in the City of Iligan.

What made the majestic Maria Cristina Falls stand-out from among the rest is its ability to make the lasting impression. The moment you arrived at AGUS 6 power turbines of the National Power Corporation, it remains in you waiting to impressed further. When the waters are released, one witnesses the ferociousness of her power and fuller life.

When I arrived at the famed Maria Cristina Falls, I said that my day’s waterfalls hopping is now complete. Truly, Lanao del Norte is one that captures the heart of her every visitor. They have an entrance fee of Php 30.00 per visitor. For the daring and adventurous, they have a zipline that crosses the waterbanks from which a vantage point be seen as the waters roared underneath, for a fee of Php200.

The catch in going to the Maria Cristina Falls is its tree-shaded pathways and park. If you are also lucky, you will see a rainbow as the water hits the stones and rocks.

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4 thoughts on “Travels 159: The Majestic Maria Cristina Falls

  1. Maria Cristina Falls is truly amazing… Once we go there, I really wanna try the zipline, LMAO! =)

  2. japan-japan ghurl

    being a part of a eco-friendly place i’d like to treasure such a beautiful sight seeing like the Maria Cristina falls….

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