Travels 160: The Lacupayan Memorial

When one enters into the Province of Zamboanga del Sur in going and coming to Pagadian City from Zamboanga City, Ipil and Zamboanga Sibugay, one passes through a Crucifix memorial that is dedicated to more than 30 victims of the freak accident that happened in Sitio Diorok, in Barangay Lacupayan, in the Municipality of Tigbao. It involved a gas tanker that exploded as it figured in an accident and killed many people including a bus-load full of passengers.

The white cross represents the Memorial and remembrance of the community to those who were killed in the accident. In the ensuing years after the accident, many public and private vehicle drivers honk their horns everytime they passes by the Lacupayan Memorial. It has also become a tradition that passengers of both public and private vehicles passing through the area to throw coins for the dead.

The accident happened at 10.40am because a tank carrying liquefied carbon dioxide exploded and engulfed the next bus full of passengers. It happened on February 3, 2007.

The Lacupayan Memorial is one marker for road safety and the continuing efforts of communities to secure the roads from accidents. This memorial once again made us reconnect with the vulnerability of each of us while we are on the road. Several incidents too, years after, of ghosts being seen in the White Cross or someone taking a video and a ghost was recorded in it.

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