Travels 162: Design your own havaianas in Cagayan de Oro

Over the weekend, I went to Cagayan de Oro City for a solo backpacking trip but this time, I was with my university buddy, Jai Santos, a contractor of housing windows’ needs that uses UPVC Pipes. I chanced upon the opportunity while exchanging SMS that he too was going to Cagayan de Oro so we went together.

Upon arriving at the Lim Kit Kai Center in the City of Golden Friendship, he told me that the Atrium was with so many people and we noticed it is the Havaianas! We went inside the cordoned area of the Atrium and talk to this pretty Havaianas lady.

Jai is designing Havaianas for his lovely wife, my friend, Chinky and I am designing my own Havaianas, my first.

I have decided to go for the limited edition traveller designed sole and strap with a ‘limited edition’ accessory.

Havaianas in Cagayan de Oro is one great experience for Journeys and Travels for the very same opportunity of learning new culture. I have not regretted designing my own and my first Havaianas, in fact, I am extremely happy and comfortable wearing it.

It is an investment that will surely be one that defines both comfort and excellence. Simply, I am just happy in my Havaianas!

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2 thoughts on “Travels 162: Design your own havaianas in Cagayan de Oro

  1. Wow.. I honestly have not had a pair of havaianas slippers. I’m a practical person. I’m more of shoes. hehe. You travel a lot kuya, does your work require you to do that? 🙂

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