Travels 164: Blue Telephone Booths

In a replica of what London’s version of a Red Telephone booth, Cagayan de Oro City has its own telephone booth but colored light blue. Journeys and Travels was on a backpacking trip to the City of Golden Friendship over the weekend and found out that it is one of the few cities that has booth patterned after that of the famous English landmark.

While taking photo at the Vicente de Lara Park, I have noticed a familiar landmark. At first, I ignored it since there were monoblock chairs besides it. I passed by one and then the second booth caught my attention again. It is located at the park’s premises fronting the Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental.

The blue telephone booth can only be seen in Cagayan de Oro City and no city has even had one. I was wondering why it is designed that way and the colored the same way when they could have copied those that can be found in British cities and suburbs.

As my friends in Cagayan de Oro City always say, there are surprises in smaller details of life in unusually odd parts of the city. They have never left me unimpressed. The Blue Telephone Booths are now becoming landmarks in the city.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 164: Blue Telephone Booths

  1. Oh that looks pretty! I still prefer a red-colored booth because it’s more eye catching, but it’s good that CDO did not copy the idea. This shade of blue is pretty as well!

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