Travels 165: The sunken Anahaw Amphitheatre

Besides the Iligan City Hall, is the famed sunken amphitheatre that serves the city’s illustrious artists and audiences throughout the years. Since I was a student at the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, I had been to this amphitheatre for early morning jogs and walks or mid-afternoon study.

Journeys and Travels have been on a weekend backpacking to Cagayan de Oro City and stopped over in Iligan City for a purposeful visit to places he once had been as a student. Reconnecting to the past is one great journey so this landmark made the day worthwhile.

Named Anahaw Amphitheatre, it is one that evokes Greek gods and goddesses portraying the influences of the arts and culture. Considered to be the largest open amphitheatre in Mindanao, it boasts of stone benches and greens throughout the years. It can hold at least 5,000 guests at one time. It was built in 70’s under the watchful eye of a cultured mayor of Iligan, Mayor Camilo P. Cabili.

This is the same venue for Iligan City’s Kasadya Festival.

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One thought on “Travels 165: The sunken Anahaw Amphitheatre

  1. May

    You haven’t explore the whole Iligan. .there are lots of places that you have not been like Centennial Park in Dalipuga, the Maria Christina Garden in Sta. Felomina, the Dodiongan Falls, Maze Park Resort..But anyway,I was really amazed with the places that you’ve been. Your such a traveler and adventurer. Thumbs up for you.

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