Travels 167: Scouting around at Pasonanca

A quick weekend journey and travel to Zamboanga City has brought me right up to Pasonanca where I resided at the Astoria Regency. Nearby is the camping ground of the Boy Scout of the Philippines which has a historic significance of the thousands of scouters who have graduated from its hallowed grounds.

Complete with a tepee, the camp site has it all: camp-fire space, open amphitheatre and a scout stage where activities were held to make scouting a fun experience.

As I was asking around many of my friends as to when exactly the camp site was built, no one can give me a credible answer.

I took fancy at studying the Jose Rizal Monument they had inside the camp site. Dr. Jose Rizal was depicted here as a young lad carrying his books to school and my strong belief is that the statue serves as a living example of how great the study prowess and a genius Dr. Jose Rizal was during his time and that his values and virtues are what we want the young carry on with their lives too.

My trip to the campsite with my China ladies, Emma, Jozel and Velsie was a great way to spend a great day in a great and historic camp.

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