Travels 169: Hola! Bienvenidos Zamboanga!

Zamboanga City, know as the Latin City of the South claimed historic ties to generations of colonizers from Spain to the Americans. Having been to this lovely city every time I travel for work and leisure, I came across famous monuments and landmarks which remain to be the serious bastion of both history and democracy in Mindanao.

A visit to the lovely Latin City brings one to the city center where one finds the grand monument in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero. It’s strategic location fronting the City Hall of Zamboanga and serving as a focal point for the famous Plaza Pershing, commands the grand rotund view of where the city center is. The mix of historic past with grandeur and grace together with the modernity of malls and fastfood chains made its location more cosmopolitan.

The City Hall of Zamboanga was built in 1905 and was completed in 1907 to serve as the seat of government for American governors assigned in the Zamboanga Peninsula.

At midday and with my dear high school classmate in tow, I went on a quick photowalk around the city. I had the best chance to see Zamboanga City in the past, but more so now, as a travel blogger, I have seen it through the lens of my camera and the sheer determination to make a difference in the lives of those friends and associates I still keep in this lovely city.

Zamboanga City remains to be a place where the past meets the future. Younger generations of Zamboangeneos are more adept to the modernity of life with fast-paced transport and fast-food chains but there are more to the city to behold than what one sees with the eye. It has a great history and legacy to share to every visitor to this grand and lovely city, appropriately named the Latin City of the South!

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2 thoughts on “Travels 169: Hola! Bienvenidos Zamboanga!

  1. The rustic city hall will surely charm the visitors. Hindi ako tatamaring pumasok ‘pag ganyan ang opisina ko. 🙂

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