Travels 171: Fascinating Tree House in Pasonanca Park

One of the best attractions of the City of Zamboanga is the famous Tree House nestled inside the Pasonanca Park. I can still recall that my late father has a photo taken at the tree house when he was relatively young in his public service career with the Ministry of Agriculture.

I had been here in the past, but coming back again to this historic landmark made my journey worthwhile in comparison to those I have made in other places too. First, I can reconnect with it with my past with my late father who has his photo taken at the same spot I had been and second, I am with my China ladies, those two wonderful ladies I had been with on my training in China last year.

The Tree House was originally constructed for the guest of the Mayor of Zamboanga City during the heyday of the Mayorship of Cesar Climaco, the tree house became the symbol of tourism and a commune with nature in the city.

The tree house is thus enthralling that one foreign visitor even made a poem about it dated as far back as 1963 and she is Elizabeth Stafford.

The Pasonanca Park by the way is one great destination for tech-savvy too. There are establishments that have WIFI connections.

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6 thoughts on “Travels 171: Fascinating Tree House in Pasonanca Park

  1. my most favorite spot in Zamboanga city… this is where i spent most of my time… it’s quiet and very serene… 🙂

  2. wow! this is should be in my must-list for Zamboanga… 🙂

  3. mae

    my hometown….no place like home,envisioning to ride with my bicycle along pasonanca road one of this days…i miss my hometown and ei..speaking for a good rides i guess PAGADIAN is the best route to ride because of its inclining road….Pagadian been there twice…hahaha

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