Travels 172: Revisiting Labason, ZaNorte!

On a weekend, I came back to the roots of my late father and retrace his humble beginnings. He is a young man with a big dream however, lived in rural life that was Labason, his hometown. The last time I visited the municipality was during I was in university and it was years trying to reconnect the dots as I took the chicken bus unto the interior of what is to be known as the most rural yet progressive town.

I am on my way to a place with a heavy heart since the day I return was the day my late uncle will be buried. The late Walter Bidad is a closed relative of my late father and he was instrumental in our journeys to where we are now. He served as our inspiration and guide post too.

While arriving hours before the burial, I took the time out to take on the sleepy town armed with my partner, Nikkon on hand. What has been will remain to be a great journey of memories back when I was young.

Labason is a municipality of Zamboanga del Norte that started with a humble beginning yet the town has a legacy of its own. It has been progressive but since it is an interior town, its progress is limited compared to Liloy, its old sitio who sits comfortably well beyond the progress of Labason.

Still, Labason is a town of its own. I am proud to have been back even only for hours. On my way back to Liloy, back home, I dropped by Tamayo Beach Resort and the breathtaking view of the beach is a welcoming calm.

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4 thoughts on “Travels 172: Revisiting Labason, ZaNorte!

  1. I love sleepy towns! And that photo of the beach with a hammock is sooo inviting!

  2. cookie

    kuya, try shoreline beach resort if ever u have the chance to visit Labason agen..hehehe ;))

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