Travels 174: Mesmerized in the Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin

While in China, we went to this lovely tourist destination called Guilin City. It was nearly winter so the winds is cooler than usual. We had been itching to get out of our classrooms and then take on the travels to learn more about China. Our destination Guilin City is the most romantic City I had been to in China save from its majestic capital, Beijing.

In Guilin City, we went to this Elephant Trunk Hill, a resort that has been captivating tourists coming into Guilin City and from nearby areas like Nanning where we stayed for a month. The view was superb and greatly natural.

I took fancy at the majestic view of the park where I had a great chance to think well about the greatness of places one has to visit in his lifetime and I have visited mine already: the romantic city of Guilin. Together with the rest of the Philippine delegation, we went with our Cambodian counterparts to see the park. Took photos while inside the park and buying souvenir items to bring back home.

When I saw a good bamboo landing with birds in it, I told myself I will have a photo taken. I was asked to pay 5RMB to just carry the birds on my shoulders to have the photo taken. I did! But I am scared if those two birds will just peck at my eyes or some parts of me since I am new to them. Surprisingly, they are as behaved. I took the photo and the great memory of this lovely city was captured forever.

Wearing the red espadrille I bought in the flea market in Nanning, I had been comfortably enjoying my visit to the Elephant Trunk Hill. A visit that will forever be on my mind and heart for the rest of my heart.

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