Travels 177: Ji Liang River Cruise in Romantic Guilin

When you are in China, come to the Romantic City of Guilin and when you are in this romantic city, never ever forget to take the romantic river cruise that will leave you stunned of the great greeneries of what China is and how it will become a great tourism destination of the world. China has more to offer in terms of natural resources, one that is not scarce because of its gigantic size.

As eager as we were, domestic and foreign tourist flocked to the port in River Jiang to take on a 2-hour river cruise that will give you spell-bounded to no ends. We had all the ingredients to make the cruise romantic, the panoramic views, the cool breeze of winter and the echoing reflections of mountains near and far.

While taking on the cruise, we had sumptuous lunch. What surprised me was the delicious and gastronomic river shell which was cooked in spicy sauce. I ate more than the others, in fact, we asked for another servings.

River Jiang is one of the romantic way to celebrate your stay in China. I truly believe while undertaking this cruise that I am far more blessed to be where I had been in Guilin, absorbing China as it is now and how it can respectfully portray its rightful place in the world.

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