My City, My LIFE: What’s on a Sunday afternoon?

After having spent so many man-hours in front of my laptop editing some certificates for a seminar and also doing some rounds of certificates writing and preparations, I decided to unwind by also walking around few blocks and heads to where I should had been many Sundays passed: The church.

I went straight ahead to the Sto. Nino Cathedral, the biggest in the City of Pagadian. Sto. Nino is the patron Saint of the City and so for a fitting homage for his guidance and patronage, the people of Pagadian named its Cathedral after his name.

I had been reflective these past few days and I want to take on my strength on the very prayers and actions of those I will see outside the Sto. Nino Cathedral. I have taken snapshots of how ordinary people focus their time with God unlike me who had been toiling on with work without even a good day’s rest.

All the rest, I had the best Sunday afternoon. I commune with God in prayers through the lens I took the photos that will forever remind me of my own humanity.

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3 thoughts on “My City, My LIFE: What’s on a Sunday afternoon?

  1. It is amazing how going to a church can help us reflect… That’s how I feel too. Everytime I go to a church, especially on a Saturday afternoon, I feel relieved.. 🙂

  2. This reminds me, I should go to church more often. My faith is remiss.

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