Travels 180: Aga Khan Museum, Living the Maranao culture

I had been to this famous museum in 1993 and I was amazed. I returned yesterday, after 18 long years of my hiatus from where I had been and formed part of my life as a person, academic and travel blogger.

My fellow bloggers from Iligan Blogger Society brought us to MSU Campus where the Aga Khan Museum is located. It was donated by HRH Aga Khan, of which the edifice housed relics of Maranao culture, artifacts and snapshots of historic MSU as well as the rich culture of the Maranaos. I am impressed of the artifacts that they have showcased inside the museum.

One is welcomed into the museum lobby by a colourful Okir and decorated umbrellas that symbolizes royalty as well as a famous musical instrument, kulingtangan and agongs. On both sides of the lobby where photographs of MSU and the visit of HRH Aga Khan during the construction of the said museum.

What impressed me are Islamic paintings as well as the mural painting depicting the 18th century Battle of Marawi of which at first, when I asked, forgetful of my Moro History, blurted was there a Battle of Marawi and our gracious blogger guide informed me factly that there was.

This trip was by far a melancholic reunion with my first introduction of Islamic culture, when the time I enrolled at MSU. It lingers on my mind until today which makes me more attuned to what Maranao culture is and was throughout the years.


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4 thoughts on “Travels 180: Aga Khan Museum, Living the Maranao culture

  1. Ganda ung painting 🙂

  2. wow! ang bilis ah… hehehe!!! when I was there last month, what i remember the most was the huge bed on the 2nd floor… royalty talaga… cool! next na ba ang King Faisal Mosque? 🙂

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