Travels 181: Bolos Kano to the Islamic City!

In the past, I had been planning to venture into the only Islamic City in the country, Marawi City where plans were proven elusive until yesterday when I was accompanied by members of the Iligan Bloggers Society to where historic journey begun and left me wanting to visit other sites in the city however due to lack of time, had only to contend myself to the visit to MSU Campus as well as to some few sites worthy to remember.

First off, I was accompanied by Pinay Travelista to the Aga Khan Museum inside the Campus after seeing again the golf course within the university campus after 18 long years of roaming around this expansive golf play area.

We then proceeded to the City Center for lunch at the famous The Dining Room of which I have tasted the best fried chicken and the best chocolate cake in the entire Lanao del Sur. I told the younger bloggers accompanying me that when I was at the university commercial center way back in 1993, it does not resemble anything closer to what it has been today. I am rather impressed. The Dining Room even has WIFI so professors and students of the university venture into the gastronomic place for lunch or dinner.

Afterwards, we went to the City proper by jeepney and the first stop was the mosque near the market. We asked permission to take photos of it and were allowed. We then went to the underground flea market that Marawi City is famous for and again, I am awed by its dungeon-like selling center. It was my first time to see the place as it was my first time to go to Marawi City.

On our way to the City, some Maranao students caught my attention as they littered around a small kiosk in the Peace Park where streamers of those opposing the budget cut for SUCs were seen. I am still impressed of the activitism of university students and that made me proud of how MSU were able to sustainably encourage self-expression within the university system.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 181: Bolos Kano to the Islamic City!

  1. i miss marawi. i’m scheduled to go back this december. then go to Tangub City

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