My City, My LIFE: Malong suki!

When coming to Pagadian City, one will perennially ask: what will I bring back home. Aside from our famous bulad, there is this unassuming mall called DBC Alta Mall which sells from cheap pirated dvds to its famous goods of Malong, shawl, scarf for women and many others. These goods are directly traded from Indonesia or Malaysia, very much similar to the ones found in Zamboanga City.

My friends will always ask me for a comfortable Malong, a piece of linens that serves as a personal comforting sleeping companion when on the road. The advantages of the Malong are tested over time. Houses and homes in Mindanao should have a least a pair of malong for them and their family. It is less bulky compared to its contemporary bed linens. It is rather soft and handy. For the traveler on the go, a Malong will always be a comfortable companion at night.

I remembered when a fellow Travel Blogger named Marcus Castle went to Pagadian City and stayed in my humble home, he was bringing with him in his backpack a Malong-to-go so it becomes handy. He was the first travel blogger I knew who brings a Malong anyplace he went and visited.

Pagadian City is very much known for the extension of what can be seen in Zamboanga City so when you come here, what you can buy in Canelar you can also buy here in ample stellar, as I say to fashion a slogan.

In your next visit, do not forget to come and get the Malong, suki?

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