Travels 183: Fiesta San Miguel with Possibly Pinay and Pinay Travelista

Days leading to the festivities of Iligan City which caps with the annual procession of the Patron of the City, Senior San Miguel the Archangel from the Cathedral of the City to major thoroughfares, I was chatting online with the lady behind the blog Pinay Travelista in which she gleefully informed me that the beauteous lady behind Possibly Pinay is coming to Iligan City to do some site assignment for her magazine. I surely said yes, I will be there to meet these lovely ladies as in the past days, I only met the guys so far who stayed in my place, namelyJourneying James and Marcus Castle. 

The Pinoy Travel Bloggers are like extended family and friends when my blog was first upped in the blogosphere in November last year. It is like meeting them will be a gift from the heavens so I ironed out the schedule and left Pagadian City at 3am to be able to attend the 7am procession in Iligan City.

Upon arriving in Iligan City, I was disappointed that the procession has already ended and it was still 7.20am. I asked an old lady if the procession started already and she told me matter of fact that it had indeed indeed. The procession started at 6am.

In spite the seeming confusion with the time, I and Pinay Travelista met up to finally meet up with Possibly Pinay at the Cathedral. Upon seeing Pinay Travelista,  I can sense the above-the-edge excitement of a fellow travel blogger who is a city away from where I lived. I can see her optimism and she easily shared with me her future travel plans.

Meeting Possibly Pinay at the Cathedral full of balloons and confetti, I was rather impressed of her beauty and was in awe of her towering figure. We had a quick introduction and photo ops happened in an instant and what I appreciated of Possibly Pinay  is her sincerity and humility. Considering that I stood below her towering figure, she gracefully bowed down to have the best photo for posterity’s sake.

The inspiration I gained from meeting these two lovely ladies of the PTB is seen through how they were able to juggle family commitments, career, hobbies and interests yet remained flatfooted and needless to mention, fresh.

Possibly Pinay simply impressed me with her animated and glee-like personality. Pinay Travelista is the lady who simply amazes me of her commitment to promote Iligan City above all else. Both, indeed are best gifts Fiesta San Miguel has bestowed upon me!

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7 thoughts on “Travels 183: Fiesta San Miguel with Possibly Pinay and Pinay Travelista

  1. hello doc Wends.. I really had fun meeting and spending a day with you.. super bibo talaga basta’t fellow bloggers ung kasama.. sa uulitin doc wends!^^

    • me too. I am impressed of your stories and your plans for the future. I have a standing invitation for you to come to Pagadian and u can stay in my place any time. Ingat ka perme and God bless

  2. Sayang at hindi niyo naabutan yung procession pero mukhang masaya pa rin dahil nameet mo sila Pinay Travelista at Possibly Pinay. Masaya talaga kapag nagmimeet ang mga PTB. 🙂

  3. Wow, parang bloggers eyeball na rin pala, nice! =)

    • hehehehe para nga. I love meeting members of the PTB and other Pinoy bloggers when I am near the places they are. I hope to meet u too and travel with u in the future. Keep safe palage!

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