Travels 184: Cheding! Iligan’s Pride.

Iligan’s Pride, the Cheding Peanuts was conceptualized as an original peanut that harmonizes families for generations and it indeed served its purpose very well. Cheding’s Peanut was one of the symbol of family’s dedication and service to the business that flourishes which started in the late 1950s in Iligan City. It was originally named Seding however it was fondly named Cheding for family’s traditions and great pride.

I knew personally the grand dame of the enterprise and called her as Maam Cheding for I lived in front of her home while studying for my university degree in Marketing at MSU-IIT. We poor students at that time, will oftentimes take a glimpse of what they watch on TV at night-time but we enjoyed it for it breaks the monotony of schoolwork. I observed then that Maam Cheding and her husband were hands-on entrepreneurs who supervise the processing of the peanuts and attending the store in Sabayle Street, in Iligan City.

I can still recall that they will use red vehicles to carry the peanuts to the processing and to the store, the same red vehicle they use for the family. I even, at a brief enterprising attempt to business at my tender age of 20 sells Cheding in Pagadian City through consignment at the People’s Plaza. I laboured hard in buying the peanuts in ¼ kilos then ship it to Pagadian City by bus, putting price tags on it, delivering it myself and arranging it myself.

One day, together with fellow bloggers, I came across again with this thriving business which is being managed by the sons and daughters. Cathy, my long-time friend and fellow JCI Member is the one running the store along with the other songs and daughters explains that all throughout the years, Cheding remains original, from processing to packaging which I can attest.

Today, even up to many generations had passed, Cheding’s Peanut is seen in family gatherings, from reunions to Christmases even to wake and funerals. As of today, Cheding’s Peanut can be bought in the USA. Truly, Iligan’s Pride, Cheding Peanut is indeed one institution that will remain to be firmly Iliganon!

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2 thoughts on “Travels 184: Cheding! Iligan’s Pride.

  1. Wow! I didn’t know that you were deeply rooted with the history of Cheding. Everytime one of my relatives goes to Iligan, hindi pwede umuwi unless may dalang Cheding peanuts. Sarap kasi. 🙂

    • Yes kasi una: while studying at IIT, nakatira ako sa lodging house sa tapat at harap ng bahay nila hehehe second, negosyo dati nung student pa, cheding na.

      Until now, all throughout the years, andun pa rin ung samahan at friendship ko with the family.

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