My City, My LIFE: The fountain of childishness

As with many fountains all over the country, may it be ordinary lighted fountains to the most outrageous dancing fountains; all are for every child and that child in us. As I was first seeing the fountain of Pagadian City as a spectator one Sunday night, I was amazed at how children, with their parents or siblings are anticipating the dancing fountain to show them how it is to appreciate the power of water and technology.

As I see it, based on what little I know about dancing fountain, what we have at the City Plaza is not technically a dancing fountain however since it has music, it seemingly dances with it, then it should be called one. It is proper to say, in my own opinion, that is a synchronized and programmed fountain that follows a similar patter with a background music to accompany it.

Dancing fountains that are truly dancing to the music were first found in the MSM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Those we find there are truly what we call dancing fountain in which the water as well as the mechanics of its operations are based entirely on the repertoire being prepared. It sounds impossible but it is doable. Similarly, the ones found in Dubai, at the front of the famous hotel is not a dancing fountain but combines both fire and water in which even with water streaming from its source, fire emerges from within and among them.

Anyways, what I have observed that Sunday night was amazing. As captured in the video, many in the audience were thrilled and awed at every spew of water to heights of how many meters above. The magic brought about by the lights on the fountain base is what makes it more enticing to the children and the child in us. Many were happy after a 30-minute show, which I suggest is too short but mostly are happy nonetheless. I am too.

This new addition to modernity in the City is one attraction that will bring in more guests and locals to converge to the City Plaza at night. As I was walking around the City Plaza, I wonder how this will be in the eyes of every child and the child in us. Truly, it will be one that draws us nearer to where our plaza is and where it can be in our hearts.

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6 thoughts on “My City, My LIFE: The fountain of childishness

  1. i defnitely have to see this when I visit Pagadian… sana by that time, 1 hour show na cya… hehehe! thanks for sharing this Doc Wends…

    • aw okies Mervz. Ikaw pa? kalakas mo sa akin eh kaya ipapasyal kita dito when you are here na. Plus the other places where u can get for yourself something to bring back to Manila.

  2. i agree on this doc wend, This is a must see Highlights, it draws more attractions to our place yet Pagadianons must know the real definition of “Dancing Fountain”. thanks for sharing this doc. More Power to JT.

  3. I don’t think I can ever get tired of fountains. It reminds you of a time when you ooh and ahhh.

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