Travels 185: The Grand and Regal Taluksangay Mosque

The cradle of Islam in mainland Western Mindanao started in the quaint locale named Taluksangay in the City of Zamboanga. Many have been to this grand and regal mosque for photography and blogging purposes, many others are for prayers and mainly, becoming a center of religious activity for the Sama Banguingui tribe, the mosque becomes the beckon of stability and peace.


I went to the grand and regal Taluksangay Mosque for the very reason that I would like to touch base with my local history and perhaps brass up my own interpretation of how the world has been since 1885 after the completion of the Taluksangay Mosque.

But prior to anything, I was ready and eager to be in the grand and regal mosque of Taluksangay however, the appointed day comes with the rain too. Prior to my arrival to Zamboanga City, my China girl Monette Natividad generously offered me a vehicle to use for the entire day trip sightseeing Zamboanga City, a driver and an escort to secure me and of course, a merienda to go. They picked me up at the hotel where I stayed and then off we went to Barangay Taluksangay.

Upon arriving at the mosque and after securing permission to take photos of it, off I went my own way, photographing every angle of the mosque. I was lucky to have been permitted to photograph the inner sanctum of the mosque and since it was a Friday, many are in the most to pray.


My friend Gamar Hassan told me that the Taluksangay Mosque has a Spanish flair in its architecture primarily because the one who commissioned its construction prior to its completion in 1885, the visionary Hadji Abdullah Maas Nuno was adopted and raised by Spaniards.

The greatest experience I had while visiting the grand and regal Taluksangay Mosque was the opportunity to see its grandeur first hand and embrace its history. Our present-day existence is interwoven by the very history that helped shape us. We are driven to achieve our dreams when we understand the peculiarities of our own past and this historic visit is one that affirms my conviction that indeed our society is sustained by our own commitment towards respecting diversity and upholding plurality in religious beliefs.

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