Travels 189: The Alona Beach Rock Formations

The morning after I arrived in Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol, at 5.00 in the morning, I took off, bringing my ever reliable Travey with me for a spin in the sunrise and then of course, know Alona Beach more as I wander around. Alona beach will be my home for 10 days while on a working assignment in the island.

As I was taking photos of the sunrise in Alona Beach, I saw nothing but pure bliss and beauty, all captivating and embracing. I have had the chance to see many other sunrises but not as beautiful as this.

I walked through the ends of the beach front of Alona, passing through resorts and stores as well as restaurants and see from afar an old man with a boat, picking up stones. As I approached him, I asked what will he do with the stones, he calmly told me he will be needing it at sea.

After a while, I noticed the rock formations of Alona Beach and the magic came out. I have been fascinated by rock formations since I took fancy at photography and blogging. I took our Travey for a spin and beauty came out at its best, raw and uninhabited, Bohol that is!

For this and after awhile further, I will stop writing and let you experience Alona Beach Rock Formations at its best!

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4 thoughts on “Travels 189: The Alona Beach Rock Formations

  1. I miss Alona Beach! 2006 was the first and last time I was there but I miss it so much!
    I remember getting a rainbow-colored sunset while having a massage on this very beach – also while being the only person on the beach — other than the masseuse of course 😛

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaah… looking forward to a trip to bohol na talaga..

    • You should pack your bags and go head out to Bohol and stay your days and nights at Alona Beach. It is worth the while and I am sure you will have heaven on your senses.

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