Travels 190: One Fine and Great day along Alona Beach

As I have been enthralled by its beauty, I search out for ordinary photos that says it all as I and my dependable Travey are both on the journey towards self-actualization through our passion for photography and blogging.

Alona Beach is one great destination where guests and locals converged as one, milling around to enjoy the scenery and the blessings of nature and of course, the sun.

It is early morning and I have chanced upon ordinary people working their way to a lazy Saturday morning and tending their wares, children playing, guests reading along the beach under the sun and many more.

Alona Beach in Panglao is my home away from home. I made friends with both locals and foreign guests. I and Travey are a welcome sight for owners and friends as we journey on together.

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5 thoughts on “Travels 190: One Fine and Great day along Alona Beach

  1. Nice photos doc. Especially the last and the second to the last one. Like it.:-).

  2. Hi to all Guest,,,

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  3. Grabi,,, Wat a nice places in bohol specialy in Panglao Island…

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