Travels 193: The Majestic Dauis Church

Bohol is one of the few places in the Philippines that is inherently been a locale full of historic and Hispanic churches that existed even until today. One of these churches that are presently still being used in Bohol is the majestic Dauis municipality. It predates the earliest influence of Spaniards and Chinese on its construction.

As I stepped out of the vehicle after arriving at the Dauis Church, I am impressed of its majestic posture and how meticulously it was constructed. What captured my attention is the presence of two lion-like figure guarding the main entrance of the church.

Upon entering the church, I was amazed at how the ceiling murals were done. I am captivated by its immense intricate design and sheer massive canvass.

As I was told, Dauis Church is the place where the only spring water is located at the altar. During the Spanish time, when soldiers were forcing the locals into submission by starving them with water, they flocked to the Dauis Church where fresh water is continually flowing, providing them potable water for days on ends.

I took it upon myself to verify this and I was indeed astounded to see the Mother Mary Well right at the altar of the Dauis Church. Impressively placed and protected by a glass cover and wooden guardrail, the spring continues until today, to provide water to those who seeks it.

Dauis Church will continue to be majestic and influential in the affairs of modern Catholicism in Bohol and that of the country. Majestic indeed, as was said, I verified and believed!

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7 thoughts on “Travels 193: The Majestic Dauis Church

  1. ang dami mong napuntahan sa Cebu ah! πŸ™‚

  2. ingit ako! di ko napasok mga church jan…..

  3. I won’t forget to visit that when visit Bohol.. Nice photos of the church! πŸ™‚

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