Travels 194: The Grand Baclayon Church

Bohol’s pride among churches is the one found in Baclayon where many tourists have made it its modern destination for religious relics, bisita iglesia and once-in-a-lifetime crash course on Spanish influences on early Filipinos through religion. Baclayon sits grandly overlooking the shore of Baclayon Bohol where its belltower stands unopposed and unobstructed. Modernity has catches up with it where a national highway was constructed passing through its door but still, the Church stands grandly by.

Its history dates back to when a Cebu-based friars by the name of Fr. Juan de Torres and Fr. Gabriel Sanchez who settled in Baclayon on November 17, 1596 and soon after, visita was thus erected.

The Baclayon Church also houses the prison underneath its hallowed grounds and those Filipino natives found violating Spanish rules were imprisoned at the dungeons.

Since the foundation of Baclayon Church were made on 1717, it serves as the second oldest Church in the country, after the famous San Agustin Church in Intramuros. It is then dedicated to the Lady of Immaculate Concepcion.

In 1835, its bells were housed in its leftwing belfry which serves as a great calling station for parishioners. Upon visiting Baclayon Church, I am impressed of its immense and over-arching posture and grandness. It is however CLOSED for lunch when I arrived so I have to contend with what its grand posture from the outside.

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9 thoughts on “Travels 194: The Grand Baclayon Church

  1. Can visitors still acces the dungeon now or was it closed for public?

  2. At least medyo malinis na rin siyang tingnan ngayon. dati, maraming ferns. When I visited this century old church, I was still in high school, way back in 1983. I miss this place. :-). Would love to re-explore the place someday doc.:-).

  3. bai, naa pay lain simbahan na 17th century. much earlier than this after san agustin

  4. Parang close at a. I asked for it but the curator told me it is unavailable.

  5. bohol has a lot of century-old churches. baclayon is one of my favorites

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