Travels 195: Feeling the locals at Kaingit

As the locals of Tagbilaran City always professed: you are not from Tagbiliran City if you have not eaten or taken a dip at Kaingit and I agreed. I and my dependable Travey were invited for lunch at the Kaingit site by our friend Johny Enerio who hails from Bohol. I was not disappointed but in fact, inspired by what I saw.

Kaingit is secluded and tucked in the sea banks of Tagbilaran City, just off the pier where fastcrafts ferrying passengers from Cebu, Dumaguete and elsewhere docked. It is a quaint place where only those who are in the know of the place will definitely knew it.

We feasted on kinilaw and sinugba as well as the local seafood flare, the sudya. Sudya is a shell that clings to stones and rocks. It has a great taste of seafood with nothing but vinegar in it. It is a great way to experience Bohol by how ordinary people enjoy life. Kaingit is a place that offers cheap food and a free vista of the sea.

As we had lunch, I saw families and friends taking a dip by the sea. Also, the place is where one can taste the local coconut wine called “Bahalina”. One should mix it with Pepsi Soda for it to taste great. It is very affordable since a gallon only costs Php 80.00. Drinking Bahalina in Kaingit makes one’s respite and relaxation a great experience.

Kaingit is a picnic grove and dating place rolled into one. Many courtships happen in the site and many reunions were held at Kaingit. As with its tagalog word “Kaingit” means, a backpacker who have not yet been to this place and saw the photos will surely be jealous of the place. Feeling the locals at Kaingit makes one an adopted child of Tagbiliran City for one has already knew where both the illustrious and ordinary spend counting memories, yes, great memories of life.

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4 thoughts on “Travels 195: Feeling the locals at Kaingit

  1. i eat kooja here too! it’s a place to go for an all-out seafood trip.

    • yes and as they said, you never had been to Tagbilaran in Bohol unless you have eaten here! I am impressed of the gastronomic delights eating seafood sa Kaingit!

      • well lucky me, it’s my home city. hehehe. great that you’re impressed there. 🙂

      • I am impressed at how ordinary people live their lives and get to enjoy it the best way they can. for my two weeks stay in Bohol (Panglao particularly), I have been to places I never was and met new friends whom I get inspirations from. Be proud of your city and home for I am as proud as you are!

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