Travels 196: I found the Puppy

While walking through Alona Beach, I have found the greatest reward, not in an individual who journeys through life alone like I am but through a cute little puppy I found and befriended. Owned by Koreans who operated a restaurant joint at the beach front of Alona Beach, the puppy is one that enjoys the company of ordinary people and complete strangers. Never a barker but cuddly. His eyes are piercing with kindness and one that evokes innocence.

As I and Travey were sitting by the beach, the puppy is sitting nearby too. He just waited that I recognize him and aim Travey at him for the nice memorable photoshoot. He cooperated and what I have taken is a masterpiece and as I said, a tumblr material.

While at Alona Beach, I never found someone but I have found the Puppy. A Korean puppy who exemplifies loyalty, friendship and trust. Many opportunities, day and night that I and this cute puppy were together.

One night having dinner, this puppy just sit by my side and waited for me to hand-feed him with those I also ordered. Unlike other dogs, he does not eat when you throw food at him but rather, when you hand-feed him, he will have the most hearty meal.

Indeed, I have found the puppy!

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7 thoughts on “Travels 196: I found the Puppy

  1. Wow, Wendell, I salute you for feeding the poor puppy! Indeed, he’s so adorable! He actually looks really cute on the 4th picture from top. More dog pictures, please! Tnx for sharing! =)

  2. sana hiningi mo na lang yung puppy. ang cute cute. lalo na yung sinabi mo na di niya kinakain yung mga tinatapon na pagkain.

    first time to visit this site. 🙂

  3. the puppy is so cute!

  4. cute puppy!

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