Travels 198: Balicasag Island, snorkelling paradise

When one gets to Panglao, in Bohol, one notices many pumped boat operators offering dolphin watching adventure which go to Balicasag Island then later on, to the Virgin island. At first glance at the photoshopped photos they are holding, one can mesmerize the time one can see the dolphins freely swimming off the Bohol Sea and the Virgin Island which beckons a great adventure for the seeker for thrill and fun, I was never disappointed.

Renting a Bangka for 1,500 (three of us already), we heads off to see the dolphins at 5.30 in the morning. When we are at the appropriate time and place, we scurry the waters, chaffing along the way as we traded ideas where the dolphins come from and where it will be heading since biologically, these mammals are migratory and take the usual routes each appointed time and day. We saw it and captured it forever in our hearts. It is the closest I could get to a living creature at sea. I am enthralled. Next stop is the Balicasag Island.

Then came the tempting offer to do snorkelling. I am not a water person since I do not know how to swim reluctantly agreed and don on my lifejacket but left Travey off the beach of Balicasag Island since it is not safe for me to bring camera off to snorkel. Arriving ahead of the group, we were greeted by colourful fishes in blue, red, yellow, green, any assortment of fishes as we started to wade through the calm sea to check on the corals and feed the fishes. The nearest I can feel them is when they just simply swam through my fingers and feeding through my hands. From where we were off the boat, Balicasag Island is inviting.

The funny experience we had was when my friend Veterinarian Joel whose mole at his back was attacked by fishes thinking they were food. We ended our snorkelling with a hearty breakfast of fresh fishes which the residents cook for a fee. Balicasag Island is one truly a snorkelling paradise.

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4 thoughts on “Travels 198: Balicasag Island, snorkelling paradise

  1. dolphin watching’s something we have missed when we were in Bohol . Pagnakabalik ko . bibisitahin ko rin sila .=)

    • U should try dolphin watching and leave Panglao at the break of dawn like 5 or 5.30 am. It will be great. I just cant seemed to get it through my lenses but it was all worthwhile

  2. we got ripped off. me and my bro paid 2.5k for balicasag. tsk tsk tsk tsk.

    • We paid around 1,500 for the rental but when we arrived at Balicasag island, iba pa pala ung guided snorkeling which costs us another Php 150 each plus Php 150 each for the goggles. If it is not ripping off, i dont know what it is called? hehe

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