Travels 199: Cathedral del San Jose en Tagbilaran City

One of the prominent religious centers of the country can be found in Bohol and in particular, the San Jose Cathedral is the favourite seat of religiosity by the Jesuits who first established churches in the newly established municipalities of Baclayon in 1595, in Loboc in 1602 and Dauis in 1697 after the coming of Spanish General Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and after the ensuing friendship between Spain and the Principality of Bool headed by chieftain Sikatuna.

Upon reaching Tagbilaran City, I am convinced of how thriving Catholicism in the province was and is presently felt today. On a Sunday mid-afternoon, I went to check on St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral with the intention of knowing how it was and is amidst the great strides of religious upsweep after the compact was entered into. San Jose Cathedral is one of those who remain to be a huge influence on many religious residents and visitors.

On the right side of the cathedral, one can see the original bell of the belfry painted in green with its original year carved on its wooden holder. From Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, one can see the imposing presence of Sr. San Jose watching over the comings in and goings out of residents seeking religious enlightenment.

As I went to the Cathedral on the second time, its presence do not failed to impress me. One who loves churches will definitely see the San Jose Cathedral as one where expressions of faith are abounding since its first construction.

The altar can reap historical and heritage insights for those who studies religious history can find a great throve of information. At the altar, one can see the image of Saint Joseph the Worker which is an 18th century vintage take centerstage. On his left is the image of San Roque (St. Roch) is dated 1848 while the second patron place on the left is that of St. Vincent Ferrer which is marked 1861. The image of Nuestra Senora de Lourdes (Our Lady of Lourdes) which sits above St. Joseph’s throne was donated in 1895 by Dona Maria de Bourbon of the Royal House of Spain.

The San Jose Cathedral is indeed one historical site that promotes awareness of how Catholicism has effectively played into the earliest Filipino psyche and that religious modernity is driven by Catholicism and Bohol is one distinct locale for both religious history and activism over the years.


By the way, the Diocese of Tagbilaran was granted such through a Papal Bull signed by Pope Pius XII on November 8, 1941.


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4 thoughts on “Travels 199: Cathedral del San Jose en Tagbilaran City

  1. nice church! very historical… too bad we didn’t go there when we visited Bohol 2 years ago… wish to come back soon! 🙂

  2. I am a fan of old churches. Ganda talaga!

    • Yes it is. There is another one or two I could have wanted to visit but have no time anymore. One is the Loboc and the other one is the Panglao Church, both are centuries old

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