Travels 200: The Molested Virgin Island

The classic example of how tourism that is unregulated happens to places you least expect and those which brings in disappointments. I have seen this for myself when I and my friends went to the Virgin Island after our dolphin watching and our snorkelling jaunt in Balicasag island.

One of the best scenery I have tried in our going to the Virgin Island since we have to navigate shallow sea to enable our rented pumped boat to move on to deeper waters that symbolizes a river within the sea to reach our destination.

Because what I saw from the photos of the pumped boat operators are beautifully made as a photoshopped versions of the island, my excitement was dampen when all I saw were dirt and dead sea grasses off the shoreline of the virgin island. This is one reason I am not into photo editing when it comes to nature shoots.

Compounding it is the very unscrupulous practice of the locals who sell you sea urchins at Php20.00 each and unbeknownst to unsuspecting tourists and guests, more will give meat of sea urchins on your palm and then let you count how many empty shells were there where horrendously charged more than one could even asked for and prepare. Beware of these locals who sell you these for a friend paid a total of Php150.00 for those urchins.

Their modus is to approach your rented Bangka offering sea urchins for the price of Php20.00 each but when you open your palm, everyone places meat of sea urchins for you to refuse which makes one uncomfortable.

I left the Virgin Island rather heightened not with what I saw but the disappointment and resentment I felt knowing there were innocent Korean tourists who were victimized by this unscrupulous trade and unregulated practice.

If this one continues, surely it will reap nothing but resent and discomfort to tourists and locals alike.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 200: The Molested Virgin Island

  1. Grabe naman , ganun na ba sila ka desperate? Nalulungkot ako sa post na ito . Sobra…

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