Travels 201: The Illustrious Capitol of Bohol

After the liberation of Bohol by the Americans from the Japanese occupiers, one of the prime developments that has been set forth was the construction of the seat of governance and where government functionaries are dispense with. The official building is thus constructed facing the San Jose Cathedral and the City Plaza emphasizing its significance in terms of both history and heritage.

The marker of the Provincial Capitol says that it was built through aid of the American people and datemarked 1946. As appropriately stated in many of history’s fierce battle, Bohol is the only place in the country that have seen the longest revolt, the one waged by Dagohoy.

As I was photowalking through the San Jose Cathedral in Tagbilaran City, just across the Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, I crossed to the City Plaza where children are feeding pigeons and where pigeons are also wandering around waiting to be fed. I came across this imposing and overarching structure that mixes Spanish architectural designs and that of the American era architecture.

Also, I have seen the 000 Kilometer from where official record of distances from Tagbilaran City, the lone city of the province to any point of Bohol are taken and officially recorded. The greatest gift one can see through visiting places filled with historical significances is one that sufficiently encourages thought-provoking and life-altering inquiry and academic profundity.

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