Travels 202: Go organic even on Ice Cream? Yes BEE Farm

There are so few resorts in the country today that offers wide array of gastronomic delights that are harmless to both body and soul and Bee Farm is one of the prime mover in this segmented niche in the tourism market. The Bohol Bee Farm is located in Dauis, in Panglao, Bohol. One of the highlights of the resort is their all homegrown organically produce veggies that goes to their menu and entree.

I have had been to this resort many years ago and befriend its owner, Vicky Wallace who remains ebullient about tourism in the province and the critical role Bee Farm plays in its milieu. I went back yet this time to take snapshots for my blog and I am never disappointed. They have new dining halls and a great vista compared to the days I was years ago. They invested in dynamic resort expansion and development; to include the introduction of the Philippine’s first organic ice cream.

The Bohol Bee Farm is a resort and wellness enterprise rolled into one. It promotes eco-tourism and increases awareness towards healthier options for a lifestyle. Those who are adventurous can try their flower salad, all edible that produces the same gastronomic delights.

Bohol Bee Farm greatly contributed to the continue proliferation of wellness and vitality in advancing the tourism industry. As I have noticed, that every day at Bee Farm is a happy day where the Christmas feel is on the air. The decor at the office they share with the shop is Christmasy and has a classic feel to it.

If one goes for organic even to ice cream then Bohol Bee Farm is a must. I have tried their buko and ube flavoured ice cream. Tasty!

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4 thoughts on “Travels 202: Go organic even on Ice Cream? Yes BEE Farm

  1. one more reason to go back to Bohol! =)

  2. sarap naman jan…

    bat pala walang pics ung mga kamag-anak kong tarsier? hehehe

    • di po ako pumunta sa tarsier ah hahaha. nakita ko na mga un. San location mo sila nakita? Loboc? A blogger friend suggested Corella but its farther from where I stayed in Panglao so opted not to go. hehe

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