Travels 203: To Bool, to Loay! Controversy over the blood compact

Bohol’s famed historical and heritage which lingers even until today is the blood compact entered into by the Spanish Conquestidor Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Bool Chieftain Sikatuna. As to the exact location of where the blood compact of this magnitude happened, the National Historical Institute declared it to be in Loay for Pigafeta’s accounts of a deep-water well is found not in Bool but in Loay and the waters are deeper than that of Bool ergo the Spanish armada can possibly be anchored in Loay.

However, the Local Government of Bohol declared the blood compact to be at Bool for the very reason that the Kingdom of Bool under Chieftain Sikatuna is where all blood compacts were done and for centuries, local norms and traditions dictated it to be in Bool than in Loay.

In earnest and in respect of two legitimate claims, National Artist for Visual Arts Napoleon Abueva, a prominent son of Bohol then installed his laudable Sandugo Sculpture in both Loay and Bool making it both a tourist destination when one comes to Bohol. What matters only is the guests’ perception and understanding of history’s significance albeit both provided a great vista of the Sandugo.

As I noticed, the Abueva sculpture depicted a lonesome and brave Sikatuna is accompanied by his trusted commander while Miguel Lopez de Legaspi is accompanied by his general and his trusted religious adviser signalling the entry of Catholicism in Bohol which spread out to nearby islands.

The Sandugo held then marked the first Treaty of Amity between the Kingdom of Bool with the Kingdom of Spain thus the Republic of the Philippines bestows the highest diplomatic honor and recognition to foreign diplomats and guests as well as Heads of State after the Chieftain Sikatuna. The Sikatuna award forms part of diplomatic practice of the Philippines until today in high respects of the bravery and trust of Sikatuna who entered into the Sandugo with Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

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9 thoughts on “Travels 203: To Bool, to Loay! Controversy over the blood compact

  1. passed by here and other places in bohol!!! wish i could go back again!!!

  2. hmm at least i know now about those blood compact in Bohol. i really like journeys and travels for which im able to know something from different places. Keep up doc!

  3. yah if only i can afford to hire you it would be more than experience hehehe

  4. there are more valid arguments that it occured in loay, not in tagbilaran. 🙂 another argument aside from what you’ve written is that the blood compact occured near a river. bool has no river.

    • yes exactly! That is the basis of the decision of the NHI to have it in Loay instead of Bool. I talked to tourism officials in Tagbilaran why there are two sites for the blood compact. They told me crude data which is more astounding kasi the NHI should have been earlier in their declaration than those who espouse their arguments in Bool.

      Accordingly, they believed that there are blood compacts done in Bool though the contention rests on where the site of the sandugo between Sikatuna and Legazpi took place which I subscribe to be in Loay as declared by the NHI.

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