Travels 204: The renovated Carlos P. Garcia Ancestral House

Because I am in Bohol, the need to go historical and heritage houses hunting are high on my agenda though I have to fill it in between breaks from what I am here for, work. I went to a tarpaulin printing store and asked around while waiting for my turn and alas, one of those that came up in our conversation is on the famed ancestral house of the 8th President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Carlos P. Garcia, the illustrious and patriotic son of Bohol.

Days after, I went to see the tourism staff at the Provincial Capitol and she easily pointed to me the direction where the house was located at F. Rocha cor Holtanosa Streets, in Tagbilaran City. I went there to expect more about the ancestral house however, I was told it is closed for renovation. I went ahead and took the photos I have with Travey and asked the caretaker if I can have a good photoshoot from the outside.

Bamboo scaffolding was installed and paints were used already and the caretaker told me it is closed for renovation since the Museum where it used to be at the Ancestral Home was transferred to the Bohol National Museum besides the Provincial Capitol.

My disappointments creep in when the word renovation propped up while appropriately for a landmark as important as the Garcia House, it should have been restoration. One must be politically correct in maintaining structures with historical significance because if not, we may omit or alter worse, distort what has been made originally.

I went off renewed that I was able to touch base with what many Boholanos are proud of, that their province is rich of historical landmarks and personalities, they being able to produce the 8th President of the Republic!

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6 thoughts on “Travels 204: The renovated Carlos P. Garcia Ancestral House

  1. Better luck next time, Wends:) I was luckier. Had the opportunity to visit the old Gracia house around 7 years ago. They were already starting the renovation project at the time. I recall taking pictures of the interior and the collection (gowns of Mrs. Garcia, barong of the president, etc.) but can’t seem to find these anymore 😦

    A much older building in Tagbilaran is (was?) the commercial building owned by the late Senator Jose Clarin which could have been built around 1920 when Clarin was a newly elected Senator under the Jones Act. It is a very impressive building located on the highway leading to Albuquerque town…a shouting distance from the Tagbilaran cathedral. Back in the 1960s, the sister of my maternal grandmother rented a unit where half was used as “tubaan”.

    I hope that building is still there for history and culture buffs to appreciate.

    • Further to the above and as a Senator Jose Clarin historical trivia, the Senator sponsored the bill dividing Misamis into Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental in 1929. The Mis. Occ. town of Clarin is also named after the Senator.

    • I have not noticed it po eh. They transferred the museum to the one besides the Capitol fronting the Plaza. When I went there, all I can see was these.

      My only disappointment was that they could have been restoring the building not renovating it, taking care not to alter or distort the original building.

  2. at least you’ve been there kahit di pa pinapasok du to the “renovation”… i agree, it should be restoration and not renovation. 🙂

    • yes Mervz eh the most convenient and less expensive to do is renovation as opposed to restoration. Darn, I wished that the house will last longer for say another 75 or more years so younger generations can see how rich their political heritage was and is up today!

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