Journeys 246: Because I am Busy, Yue Yue died.

After having seen the youtube video of how Yue Yue was run over by trucks in China, I was torn apart, reduced to tears at how people can ignore the plight of a child, in agony and pain, crying for help and safety. As I have seen it, it is because they are busy that they cant offer a help to a child. It is painful, ruthless and without a tint of guilt that these people except for the old lady who carried Yue Yue off the road and placed her safely by the side. Upon seeing it, I felt guilty, perhaps because I am one of those 18 bystanders and busy myself, I could never give a second look. I felt guilty for humanity for allowing this to happen because I am busy.

The conventional wisdom of aiding others has been relegated to the sidelines because of our own imposing definition of busyness. We failed to recognize people seeking for help, whether they are in physical pain or not because we are always busy. We are busy of living our own lives that we never stop to care. We are busy making money that we failed to look and care for the poor. We are busy for our family that we failed to look after the children of our neighbours. We are busy with our problems that we failed to look at how we can be of help to others bombarded with problems. We are busy with our own health that we failed to visit those of our friends who are sick and in pain and agony.

Yue Yue’s death is a reflection of how our busyness kills our loved ones. If only we shun ourselves of our busyness then perhaps we can look after one another. If only we can redefine our busyness by helping others, then the world will not be filled with accidents such as this tragedy. The pain of a mother losing her precious Yue Yue is felt throughout and her ordeal is felt through me like a piercing arrow. I felt her pains because I lived in China for nearly a month. I felt it because I considered myself Chinese though I don’t pass as one. I felt her pains because I am human and I felt guilty because I too, is busy with my life that I failed to look at others. I felt it when all else ignored Yue Yue and I felt rage because the deafening silence of the CCTV just heightened her cries for help. If only they are not busy with their lives, perhaps Yue Yue will still be smiling today. If only I am and you are not busy, our world will be better.

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8 thoughts on “Journeys 246: Because I am Busy, Yue Yue died.

  1. julie

    As a mother,I’m also in pain knowing the incident.The child was so helpless and I condemned those people who had witness but never cared to help.

    • That is exactly what I lament about. These people can CARE if they can but they choose not for their own reasons and whatever it is, it included their busyness at the disadvantage of those vulnerable like children and mothers. Until now, I still felt the pain of a tragedy that Yue Yue nevever even have imagined to befall her and her family.

  2. Poor kid, this is very sad… The first time I saw this video really made me cry. I agree, we are often busy in our daily lives, busyness kept us away from reaching others; we often fail to look at others and be of help. =(

    • Which is why I wrote this blog. We are to blame for this senseless death of Yue Yue. My heart goes to her and her photo made me feel guilty that humanity failed to protect her.

  3. gretchen

    I rather see her taken by God rather than let her suffer … i believe we all live for a purpose … God created us for a purpose … 🙂

  4. I watched the video once and will never watch it again. I have relatives at that age and I can just imagine how little, cute and adorable kids like yue yue. This is very tragic.

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