Travels 205: Balicasag Island Lighthouses and LIFE

One of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences I have had while in my jaunt in Bohol was one that brought me to an island called Balicasag. As to the origin of the name, until now, I was not helped by shedding light as to why the island is named Balicasag. My friends and I conjured a moniker of the island as similar to a crab place upside on its shell thus “bali” means turn-over “casag or kasag” means crab but until today, I am in the hunt as to where the island gotten its name.

On our way to the island from dolphin watching, I noticed lighthouse beside a structure that looks like a church from afar. When I disembarked from our rented Bangka, I proceeded to check on the lighthouse. To my surprise, the island have two lighthouses, one old, dilapidated and worn out, the other is new, modern and shun of its aesthetics since it focuses more on its utilitarian aspect. Both are imposing and grand altogether and from where it stood, a small parish designed like those Mexican parishes. It is unassumingly simple and yet upon entering the parish, I saw a lady in early morning prayers, her banana leaves idly placed on the pews.

I also saw school children on their way to school from their respective houses. They are the future of this island and grateful for the opportunity, I took Travey for a spin and took a photo that best described the moment in the island.

One of the best asset of an island like Balicasag is its shorelines. It is picturesque in its glorious pebbled shorelines with fossilized rocks and moss-filled rocks. The combination is heavenly and one that gives you the best perspective of nature and its beauty.

Balicasag Island people live by how many people visited them to snorkel and the happiness they seek in the ordinariness of living is most felt when guests and visitors sit for breakfast or lunch. The banter will focus on how life and living in the island is and was. I fully embraced the kindness of ordinary people who ushered me into their humble community other than those I sought like the rest of us who went to swim and snorkel. Indeed, they have more to offer than what can be seen through.

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