Travels 206: The best barbeque in Bohol

Wandering feet results in hungered stomach, so while I was in Bohol on a work-related R&R, I asked around where to find a good and hearty meal of barbeque which is one of those I frequent everytime I travel outside my city. It led me to Haydee’s BBQ House where the BBQ was deliciously cheap and affordable.

First off, I ordered pork BBQ , rice and coke. The BBQ costs Php12.00 while the Chicken BBQ costs Php50.00. The sumptuous meal was complete with the stories the owners told and shared. One was that Haydees BBQ existed for 18 years already and has been patronized by Tagbilaran city-folks.

Haydee’s BBQ is an unassuming alfresco eatery where the locals dine for a hearty BBQ meal. Students and office workers alike dine here. If it is BBQ in Tagbilaran, it should be Haydees.

It is located along Tamblot street cor J. A. Clarinet Street in Tagbilaran City. Come and try the best BBQ they offered for its hearty patrons!

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2 thoughts on “Travels 206: The best barbeque in Bohol

  1. jenen

    your right, its good and tasty in there..

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