Travels 207: Understanding the Liberation of Bohol

A very unassuming marker sits grandly on the pre-departure lounge of the fastcraft ferry terminal in Tagbilaran City that ultimately led me to a better understanding of the historic journey of Bohol towards liberation from the Japanese during the Second World War. It was said that there were 1172 men and officers of the Third Batallion of the 164th Infantry Regiment of the American Mission who docked in Tagbilaran City, the very spot where the pier is located to help liberate the island.

The young men and women as well as gentlemen and officers was led by a young Lt. Colonel by the name of William H. Considine and they landed at exactly 7:00 in the morning of April 11, 1945. The American mission was composed of six (6) landing ships, six (6) landing crafts for infantry, Two (2) landing crafts for support and one (1) landing craft intended for a medium rocket.

Upon entering the pre-departure lounge, I was fortunately seated at the front mono-block chairs and alas, the marker caught my attention which incidentally, at 7:00 in the morning of October 23, 2011, I am taking photos of the marker and studying its texts. I was rather impressed of how rich the cultural heritage of Bohol was and is from the time of Sikatuna in Bool to the Spanish inspired Churches under the colonization and to the American liberation and influences.

Firstly, I have been to church that are with Spanish influences, been to the blood compact and also the Provincial Capitol which was built by the Americans in 1946 under the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946. Transitionally, Bohol has matured well enough to be a grand province replete with culture, traditions, norms, history and its pivotal role in nation-building.

The City of Tagbilaran is thus liberated from the Japanese on May 25, 1945 by Major General William H. Arnold of the United States Army. The unassuming marker speaks of its glorious liberation so next time you travel from Tagbilaran City, forget not to check the marker! You will be amazed.

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