Travels 209: Real Fuerza de San José, the storied Fort Pilar

Having been a regular visitor of the City of Zamboanga, I look up at Fort Pilar as a bastion of Spanish greatest influence in Mindanao and that it was a threat to the cloistered Sultanate of Sulu many centuries has passed. As the cornerstone of the now famous Fort Pilar says, it is originally named “Royal Fort of St. Joseph” and was laid down by Friar Melchor de Vera on June 23, 1635 which marks the founding of Asia’s Latin City, originally known as Jambangan, now Zamboanga City.

At one time, I went back to Real Fuerza de San Jose to see for myself its storied past and I am impressed and enthralled at how the fort has served its very purpose, being a defense fortress against the marauding Moros from the Basilan Strait. It is also one of the bastion of Spanish era were devotees flock to every October 12. I had been in the past, visited Fort Pilar.

I and my friend Pocholo Gonzales, went on a stroll to Fort Pilar one afternoon. Since he has nothing else to do, we opted for sightseeing instead and since I was on my way to the Fort Pilar for my travel blog, I picked him up at the hotel.

What we saw captivated us. Even at a cloudy afternoon and a little drizzle did not dampen the majestic history of the fort as it was, indeed it is regal and royal. I am impressed.

Real Fureza de San Jose is one of the best remnants of Spanish influences still being used until today. It is where histories were made, written and itched to someone’s and everyone’s memory.

What I saw at Fort Pilar is one that truly is royal and regal, majestic and grand.

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