Travels 213: The Majestic Dilimbayan Tugaya Central Mosque

The great emphasis of my recent trip to Lanao del Sur and the Islamic City of Marawi has brought me to the heart of culture, arts, crafts in all of the province, the Municipality of Tugaya. I have been to this most scenic municipality of Lanao del Sur because I and my fellow blogger friend along with our guides, wanted to see how crafts are made in Tugaya. We were never disappointed at what we saw.

First off, my motivations always is to see a grand Islamic structures and architecture which stems from the fact that I saw the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia and Brunei, these are what I saw in the Philippines too.

                                              The Dilimbayan Tugaya Central Mosque

From Marawi City, we took a 30 minutes drive and I knew that the problem in going there is accessibility. When visitors going to Tugaya on public transport only, one must remember that the last trip back to Marawi City is 1pm and beyond that, will be problematic as no public transport ply these route so regularly. Also, when you go there on public transport, you will have to walk considerable distance to the center of the Municipality.

Upon arriving in Tangkal in Tugaya, we were informed that Adel Tamano and his broods hails from this great municipality. The municipality is the epicentre for maranao arts and commerce of crafts.

The Dilimbayan Tugaya Central Mosque was built in January 15, 1962 by the very residents who considered it its central most. The most is situated at the banks of Lake Lanao.

                                        Interiors of the Dilimbayan Tugaya Central Mosque

When I went to take Travey for a spin at Dilimbayan Tugaya Central Mosque, it drizzled shortly and afterwards, sunshine yet again. The dark clouds hovering Lake Lanao is nowhere to be found again.

The majestic Central Mosque was a bastion of the religious in Tugaya, one that I am forever impressed.

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13 thoughts on “Travels 213: The Majestic Dilimbayan Tugaya Central Mosque

  1. wow naman! buti pa kayo nakaikot sa Lanao del Sur… mas oks talaga pag may dalang sasakyan, madaming mapupuntahan… thanks for sharing this… 🙂

    • our hosts are gracious enough to lend us their vehicle. Kami na lang nag-pa gas so we can roam around Marawi and check the places we wanted to see. Mas safe pag-ganun eh.

  2. Buti ka pa kamo, nakakuha ng interiors…ninerbyos ako nung pumasok ako.

  3. co contact kita pag natuloy ang Iligan marawi tugaya trip ko.. nag hahanap lng ako ng perfect timing

  4. wow! love the scenic photos Doc! ganda ngng mga anggulo. it’s a shame i havnt seen any of our mosques yet. but goal ko mapuntahan mga yan nxt yr if I’m not broke. haha thanks for sharing this,


    Nice shoots… fyi Tugaya mosque’s minaret is the first tallest minaret was build in history.

  6. Rasul Abbas

    Buti sina nakuha mo ang retrato ng inside Dome, ang gandang design sa loob. Walang masama kung kinuha niyo lahat ang interior basta lang OFF SLIPPERS OR SHOES, yan lang ang patakaran. Kung ako ang nakasama nyo, ihatid ko kayo sa loob.

  7. JHAMZ

    Salamat sa blog na ‘to, ganun din sa blogger dahil nakakatulong ito na mas nakikilala ang Tugaya (in particular) at ang Lanao Sur (in general.) I’ll pray that someday, travelling to my hometown is safer.

    The Gen Mngr of Lasureco, Ashari Maongco, a native of Tugaya, has a vision on Tugaya’s tourism. May Allah help him for the success of that vision.

  8. taga jan po ang family ng father ko yung mga katabing bahay jan mga relatives na po namin lahat at sa gilid po ng mosque na yan jan po nilibing ang lolo ko at ang tatay ko po very happy to see that mosque again parang naka uwi ako ng tugaya at parang na dalaw ko na ulit si ama nice shots boss

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