Travels 215: The Grand Ranaw

Having been to the Islamic City of Marawi brings you closer to the grand Ranaw, the beauteous lake that the Maranao, as a people’s name is derived. Maranao, as a tribe is derived from the English word “people of the lake” and lake is called ranaw or ranao.

One fine day, in the Municipality of Tugaya as well as in our visit to the Torogans in Tuca, in Marawi City, I have felt Ranaw in all her glory, seen her and captured by her. My heart jumps for happiness when I saw from a distance, children swimming one humid afternoon and which waters of Ranaw is inviting.


Historically, the Spaniards in 1689 explored the rest of Ranaw to be surprised by a well-established settlement called Dansalan at the northern end of Ranaw.  Since then and in 1907, Dansalan becomes a Municipality, which became now, the Islamic City of Marawi.


What made Ranaw grand is it awe-inspiring and expansive presence in the entire Lanao region. The origins of Ranaw was a result of a tectonic movements from a volcanic activity. Grand and regal, Ranaw forever becomes a shining cool and inviting waters which gained for myself trust, confidence and calmness amidst the chaotic pictures of what Ranaw truly was and is.

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8 thoughts on “Travels 215: The Grand Ranaw

  1. hello, im a trying hard blogger, meaning I blog aimlessly and when you check my blog you can say that im also a scatter brain blogger…wahehehehehe. But learning and I love you pictures. I realized that a good blogger is equipped with a good camera too. But the dslr is like an impossible dream for me. Im making use of my old nokia 6233 for my pictures and videos, its not high quality, its even below standard but its better than having nothing at all. According to some, what you have is the best, so Im going to take a dose of sweet lemoning to cope…..

    thank you…
    nice blog…
    have a nice day.

    • Actually the photos in the blog does compliment what we wanted to convey however one should not be discourage with the kind of photos they may have or the kind of camera. What is most important is that when we does take photos, we take memories with it in tact and write about it for others to also learn, perhaps get inspiration from.

      Thank you for appreciating what I do in life, not as a form of living however it is beyond a source of living because it reaches the inner sanctum of my soul, something I wanted to share to those who read me through and visit my blog.

      I appreciate it too that you are into blogging, after all, our community is rather small. Someways, if you think I can be best of help to you, do not hesitate to reach out. I am just OL everytime hehehe

  2. Wow, grand indeed. I wonder how big it is…

  3. People of the lake. Now I know. =)

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