Travels 216: The Beautiful and Calm Lakewood, Panorama of Mist

Prodding with the call for what the beauty of nature is as it dawned in Biswangan, the location where Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, I and my friends and fellow bloggers Paula Peralejo and Charlie Fernandez as well as photo enthusiast, Dr. Bert Capatoy woke up early, drive to Alindahaw Lakeview Resort to witness what others have probably missed. It is my first time to do so as well so the adrenaline rush is high even on an early morning call time we set for ourselves.

Just as the sun rises and some clouds hovering over the lake, the mist that I so wanting to see and witness myself is right before my very eyes and within breath’s away. It is seen enveloping the entire lake on the early morn and the lake looks entirely a mirror facing the sky. The horizon, the hills, and the sky above is reflected on the lake.

The lake is very calm and I found my peace though I am bombarded with so many thoughts and concerns, others non-essentials, others important but I left them all. My mind just absorbed the immense beauty of the lake from where the Alindahaw Lakeview Resort nestled peacefully by. I am at peace and Travey too. We are on a spin for the greatest photography we will have for a single lake, we are both impressed.

The beauty of Lake Wood remains one of the best singular assets of Alindahaw Lakeview Resort. It is one where peace, tranquillity and beauty reside and the morning mists just make it more enthralling and exciting.

Lakewood is where I found my peace on this early morn!

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4 thoughts on “Travels 216: The Beautiful and Calm Lakewood, Panorama of Mist

  1. Ganda ganda! I wish I could return to Lakewood someday!

    • Ding, when you go there, spent overnight so you will see the mist I am saying here. sobrang ganda at tranquil nea. U can spend all 2 hours lake cruising early dawn so u will have a personal experience. Grabe nga ksi sobrang ganda ng lake at ung location ng resort, PERFECT!

  2. I love the feel of that lone boat cruising along the serene and very still lake. Nakakaalis ng stress 🙂

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