Travels 217: Virgin and unspoiled, Isla Puting Balas

I was at the sandbar one time when I was young and took a memory compiled years after, recalling how it was when I first went there with the neighbours and siblings as well as family. When my dear friend Paula Peralejo and Charlie Fernandez, both fellow travel bloggers toss the idea of us going to Isla Puting Balas after an early morning lake cruise at Lakewood, I was ecstatic and excited.

We went directly to San Pedro to get ourselves motorized Bangka. While we are at the port, Paula and I were reminding ourselves the experience of our common friend, JourneyingJames, who is a fellow blogger when he went to Isla Puting Balas and that instead of going to the right island; he was ushered to the fishermanโ€™s village in White Beach. Paula kept reminding us that we must go to the right island and negotiated with the Bangka operator and with success. We boarded the motorized Bangka together with some local residents destined to the White Beach but we are going to the right island for Php 350 round-trip.

The way to the island was humid and under the noon sun, we are initially energy-drained. Both Charlie and Paula teased me on our way to the island since the expression of worry I had on my face when I saw the Bangka as if it is overloaded. Paula teases me further that I am scared to get my camera while both of them are busy taking photos of the stilt houses. I am actually scared of waters and the experience I had with James was a fresh memory.

In arriving at the Isla Puting Balas, I was not disappointed. My worries gone so like children, I, Charlie and Paula jumped off and took photos that will be one of the best I have of a sandbar. I am enthralled at the immense beauty of which that unfolds before me. I am with great enthusiasm to explore the sandbar, taking photos of every angle and gained fresh perspective of the beauty of nature and how my own city, have one beautiful, virgin and unspoiled destination so few have gone.

Charlie and Paula walking through and a sight so romantic

Isla Puting Balas off Pagadian City

Isla Puting Balas greatly is a beauty to behold through a camera, enjoyed through an innocent swim and left it as it was before one arrives. The beauty of it is that aside from it being a sandbar, it symbolizes the immense beauty of nature and how it can contribute to how diverse places in the country are and in Mindanao in particular.

Journeys and Travels with Paula Peralejo at Isla Puting Balas

The sun was high in the early afternoon, we bid adieu to Isla Puting Balas recharged and inspired. Nothwithstanding the humid sea breeze and the hot sun above us, we stood back at how beauty was captured, in our minds and hearts, forever locked and shared by the three of us.

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19 thoughts on “Travels 217: Virgin and unspoiled, Isla Puting Balas

  1. I remember in 1975, My mom had a new suitor who became her 3rd husband. We come to this “whitebeach” every other Sunday. I’m happy to know that it still exists.

  2. Jenny

    Thanks for featuring this, I’ve always wanted to see this for myself–maybe next month. By the way, so there’s a white beach pa? Not the fisherfolk village ha, been there, yung beach talaga na pwede magswimming.

    • Meron po white beach which is the fisherman’s village and this sandbar. Pwede rin naman po mag-swimming dito sa sandbar un nga lang, watch out before high tide and its all plain sands, no shed so better make use of the bangka as ur shed. for me, recommended staying time there is 1 hour to a max of 2 hours kasi sobrang init na haha. Enjoy your next trip!

  3. gretchen

    hala oi kay nindot ang place so serene and virgin … i love reading ur blog about ur travels coz it brings me to places i know i cant go but someday i will try to go to places too … ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i will visit this place soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mindanao is indeed, a treasure box!

  5. It’s good to see places here in the Philippines were industry and commerce has not yet reached. The hustle and bustle in the city will make city dwellers like me to escape to such places as this. Thanks for sharing these refreshin photos!

  6. ang ganda ganda naman ๐Ÿ™‚ i already jot the place down in my mini notebook “places to visit” hoping by next year we can go Isla Puting Balas ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. trixie

    thanks for posting…ive been living in pagadian for years but honestly haven’t been here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  8. ang ganda thanks for sharing this, this for sure to be a good spot to visit

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